During the weekend worship services, stations are set up that you can use to respond to the message.  Below is a brief description of each station.

In celebrating His last meal with His disciples, Jesus instructed them that from then on, whenever they broke bread and drank of the cup, they should remember His body which was broken for them, and His blood which was spilled for them. We have “self-serve” communions stations to allow you, your family, or your small group to take communion together.

The Cross
Often things can weigh on us; sometimes it feels like actual weight on our shoulders. Maybe it’s anxiety related to a situation, maybe it’s some destructive behavior, maybe it’s a specific need. We always want to remember that we can leave these things at the foot of the cross and we encourage you to go to the Cross Station, write this item down, and pin it to the cross as a way of releasing yourself from this. (Galatians 2:20)

For hundreds of year, lighting a candle has been seen as a tangible way of lifting a prayer to God. While prayer does not require lighting a candle, it is helpful for many people to light a candle and think of a specific request for themselves, a loved one, or situation. Lighting a candle does something for us, not for God.

During service, people are available to pray with you during out time of responsive worship. Whether you would like them to pray for you specifically or in a general way, these people are here for you. We also have a place on the Communication Card for you to write any specific prayer requests that we pray over as a staff every Tuesday morning. (1 Thessalonians 5:17)