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The Children’s Ministry at Southside Church believes that your kids don’t simply need babysitting during services or trite classes. We believe that Children’s Ministry is something that actually shapes the type of person your child will become. We do this through singing, drama, comedy, multi-media, games, prayer and teaching. The well-being of your kids means the world to us and when you entrust them to us (even for an hour!), we take that job very seriously. Welcome to The Splash & The WAVE!

Children’s Weekend Worship Services

During weekend services, there are worship services for children at the same time as the adult service. These services teach children about God in a way they can understand.

Children’s Wednesday Night – WAVE Runners

Wednesdays, 6:30-8 PM – Courthouse Campus. WAVE Runners is designed to disciple children for ministry. The vision is that each child will know that God will help them to see their unique purpose and begin to develop their gifts and talents to serve Him. Our goal is that when a child leaves Children’s Ministry they are equipped and ready to serve the Lord in a ministry.

My First Visit

You will want to arrive at 15 minutes before the service so that we have time to register your child, get them to class and give you a moment to catch your breath before service begins.

You may be wondering where to go when you arrive. You will want to head straight the the Child Check-in Station where you will find a whole team of people ready to help you get to the right place. Our volunteers will greet you, guide you through the registration process, and personally escort you to your child’s classroom. They will be happy to answer any questions you have. Feel free to download and complete this Child Registration Card. Bring it with you when you visit to help make registration faster.

For more information about Children’s Ministry, call (804) 778.7800 or email children@southsidechurchva.org.