As a part of the world-wide Church of the Nazarene, Southside Church is a part of assisting in the crisis response to disasters.  Here are the ways you can help make a difference through Southside Church:

Missions Giving - the money that is given towards Missions through Southside Church helps to fund response teams and missionaries who are located all throughout our world.  Click here to give through our online giving service.

Crisis Care Kits - these kits contain basic hygienic products that are given to those in disaster affected areas.  Kits can be placed at the Serve table at your campus. A completed kit contains:

    • 1 Bottle of shampoo (12-18 oz.)
    • 2 Bars of Soap (bath-size or larger)
    • 3 Toothbrushes
    • 1 Tube of Toothpaste (4-6.5 oz.)
    • 1 Box of Band-aids (30 or more)
    • 1 Fingernail Clipper
    • 1 Sturdy Hair Comb
    • 2 Hand Towels (no wash cloths)
    • 4 Pocket-Size packages Facial Tissues
    • 1 Beanie Baby-Sized Stuffed Toy

Pray - there is no more powerful thing that we can do than to pray for those who are living in these crisis areas.  Pray for their physical safety and for their spiritual salvation.