Steve Harper Student Ministries Outreach and Connection Pastor. Steve has been in student ministry since 1992. He loves training workers, creating new materials for students and adults to learn from and weekly visits to Chipotle’s. He likes anything involving a beach & an ocean, especially surfing. He’s crazy about his wife, Robin, about his 2 boys, about students, and about crusin’ in his convertible…in that order.Steve is our Pastor for Student Outreach & Connection. In a nutshell, Steve gets students reaching their peers and connecting to God and others.

Jerry Varner Student Ministries Discipleship & Ministry Development Pastor. Born in the country, raised at the beach, and a lover of the city, Jerry has been in fulltime student ministry for 15 years. He’s passionate about his wife, his 4 kids, and about finding the best cheeseburger in the world. He also loves writing, investing in leaders, connecting with parents, and spending time with students. Jerry is our Pastor for Student Discipleship & Ministry Development. In a nutshell, Jerry gets students growing in their faith and serving others.