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Chesterfield, VA 23832

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Chester Campus


13930 Happy Hill Road
Chester, VA 23831

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Serve In A Ministry

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Each person who follows Jesus Christ is called by him to serve others through love. At Southside Church service to others takes many forms and we encourage everyone to find a ministry in which to use their gifts and talents in service to God and others. Knowing the strengths of your Motivational Gifts will help guide you.

We serve our church and our community in many exciting and unique ways. Want to know more about how you can serve in ministries here at Southside Church?

Where Can I Help?

When you accepted Jesus' free gift of salvation you were also given another gift: a church family. He has gifted you in a special way to uniquely fit into, love, and help others.

If you are uncertain what type of motivational gifts are part of who you are, we encourage you to learn more now.

What Are My Gifts?


Ministry Highlight

The Congregational Care Ministry exists to ensure that all those within the Southside Church family are cared-for in the event of a physical, financial, emotional, or spiritual crisis in their life that requires additional care. When God’s people are in need we respond.

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Serve Ministries @ Southside Church

Adult Ministries

Adult Ministries helps adults across all of our campuses to connect to a service, grow in a small group, serve in a ministry or mission area, and reach others for Christ by telling their personal story of God’s work in their life.

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Southside Surfside

Surfside is the children’s ministry of Southside Church (birth – grade 5). Our children’s Sunday services are held in captivating environments and filled with worship songs, crafts, and great Bible stories that teach God’s Word at an age-appropriate level.

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Southside Students

Southside Student Ministry is a movement of middle and high students who are learning what it means to love others with Jesus' love. We welcome everyone, especially those looking for authentic friendships, a place to explore/grow in your faith, and a supportive community in which to live out your faith. Our ultimate goal is to reflect Jesus to our community and world.

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Southside Worship

If you feel called to lead others in worship through song, music, acting, or as a multi-media operator then Southside Church worship ministry maybe a place for you to serve. We understand the vital role of worship in believers' connection to God and take joy in creating invitations to experience His presence.

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(Helping Everyone Love People through Service)Aren’t you glad that God did not create all of us exactly alike? 1 Corinthians 12 talks about Christians being “…one body, but many parts…”
We are given different gifts by the Holy Spirit to be used for His work in the Kingdom. HELPS presents opportunities for men and women with the gifts of service to love on members of our church and community. HELPS pairs service teams with members of our church and community who need repairs around the home.
Can’t preach? Can you paint? Rake leaves? We need volunteers for the following serve teams: Construction, Plumbing, Electrical, Drywall, Painting, HVAC repair, Vehicle repair, Hauling/Moving, Landscaping, Appliance repair, General Labor, and meals.

Kilmarnock Virginia Construction

As part of our mission to serve the residents of Virginia, regional mission trips are organized to service specific needs as they come to our attention. Southside Church has established a missional relationship with the residents of the Kilmarnock Virginia area and, during the year, adults partner with local businesses to provide repair work to various homes in the Kilmarnock area.

Jail Ministry

Women at the Chesterfield Diversion Center are finding hope and healing through the weekly worship services run by dedicated Southside volunteers. In the last three years, over 75 women have been baptized. In just the past two years, over 100 women have given their lives to Christ. Interested in being a part of this vital ministry?
In addition to ministering to the needs of the women at the Chesterfield Diversion Center, Southside Church also provides pastoral care to the women in Chesterfield Correctional Unit 13 every 5th Sunday of the month.
There are several opportunities for you to bless these women.
Outreach opportunities include:

  • Chesterfield Women’s Detention Center - “Emotional Healing” classes are offered for women seeking to recover from past abuse. (This class is part of a national organization that offers training and classroom supplies.)
  • Educational support for women pursuing a GED, computers skills, and financial training
  • Prayer partnering with women
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Donations of suitcases and duffel bags for use upon program graduation

Chester Campus Food Pantry

There are families in our shared communities that go to bed hungry every night. Chesterfield Food Bank exists to give a hand to those in need. Our main clients are those who do not qualify for government assistance. This group includes the single mom working to try to put food on the table, the senior citizen surviving solely on social security, the veteran on disability, the young couple just starting out, and the person that just got laid off from their job. In cooperation with Social Services we are locating and helping those families and individuals that may not have been helped in the past. The Southside Church - Chester Campus sponsors the Chester Food Bank ministry. The Chester Food Bank meets every Wednesday at 7 pm to distribute food to those in need. Serve at the Chester Food Bank Southside Church - Chester Campus 13930 Happy Hill Road, Chester, VA 23831

Loaves & Fishes

The Southside Church - Chester Campus sponsors the Loaves & Fishes outreach ministry. Loaves and Fishes is a hot meal for those in need that is offered on the 3rd Wednesday of every month, in addition to the Chester Food Bank.

Lucy Corr

Lucy Corr Nursing Home is a nursing home and residential assisted living center located in the heart of Chesterfield County. Often, there are residents in these facilities who experience feelings of sadness, loneliness and lack of hope. Volunteers from Southside present worship and music programs every other month to any residents, visitors, and staff who choose to attend. The purpose is to share the peace, hope, love and joy of Jesus. According to Helen Keller, “We are never really happy until we try to brighten the lives of others.” Are you willing to spend a few hours every other month to brighten the day of someone else?