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6851 Courthouse Road
Chesterfield, VA 23832

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Sunday 9:00 AM

Sunday 11:00 AM



Chester Campus


13930 Happy Hill Road
Chester, VA 23831

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Sunday 11:00 AM



Amelia Campus


8741 N. Five Forks Road
Amelia Court House, VA 23002

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Southside Church



Southside Home has been created so that you are able to connect with God and the body of Christ no matter where you are.  

How to Set Up 


Pick a home

The Southside Home location can be wherever you want it to be! The Southside Home Leader can host it at their house or the group can decide to meet up at different locations each week. 

 define roles

Some roles that you might want to consider including in your Southside Home group include: a Southside Home leader, host home, student leader, kids leader, hospitality, media leader, attendance reporter.


What We Offer


We will be sending out a weekly email with all of the Southside Home content for the weekend. Use the form below to sign up for the Southside Home Newsletter.

Our student and children's ministry also have online services. These will be linked in the Southside Home Newsletter and can also be found by visiting their page.

For tips on how to lead well as a Southside Home host, watch our training video #3. 

A New Hope

Reggie Phillips | April 11, 2021

The greatest need in our world is HOPE. We yearn for hope and it can only be found in one source! Through the resurrection of Jesus we are born into a new hope! A hope that supersedes every circumstance! This is not simply optimism, it is the optimism of Grace given through the resurrection of Jesus!

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What To Do

To engage with our worship services, our sermons that are collected on our website include a notes section. This feature can be used to participate by taking notes while watching the sermon. Your notes can then be saved as a PDF for future use or to help with your discussion afterward. 

Our Connect form can be used for any questions, comments, prayer requests, or information updates.

Our Say Yes to Jesus form can be used to let us know how God is leading you and for any salvations so that we know how to pray for and celebrate with you! 

Secure Give can be used for any online giving including your regular tithe and offering,  #BeAMiracle donations, and other contributions.



Do I need to be a pastor or on staff? What about a member?

No, you do not need to be a pastor or staff member to participate in Southside Home. However, we encourage everyone to be a member. We hope that anyone who wants to be involved also desires to be committed to the mission of Southside Church.

Do I need to host it in my own home? 

No, you can host it at anyone's home!

If I host do I need to provide refreshments? 

No, the leader does not have to provide refreshments. Groups can divide responsibilities between its members. Anyone who has the gift of hospitality could supply refreshments. However, this could be coordinated on a schedule week by week schedule between everyone.

Are masks required? 

This can be decided by each group. We understand that many of you might be worshipping with your family. In this case, there is no mandate for you to wear masks within your own home. However,  we ask that everyone considers government mandates if you are inviting friends and neighbors to join. 

Do I need to take up an offering? 

We ask that everyone fully participates in worship; this includes giving. All giving can be easily done individually online on SecureGive instead of having to deal with cash or other forms of payment.

What if I'm not good with technology? 

We want to help you out with any issues you might have when preparing for Southside Home! We want to set you up for success and do everything possible to help with your worship experience. Contact the church by filling out a Connect form, calling at (804)778-7800, or emailing at